Thursday, May 5, 2011

Im a mommy

Balqish in the womb. This picture was taken 11 months ago.

I still cant believe myself. I am a mommy to my sweetheart baby Balqish yang manja chuk ango. Perasaan yg tak boleh di ceritakan dengan bahasa dan kata2. I can cry n laugh at the same time. Ya call me crazy because i am crazy in love with my baby. Ohhhhhhh God! In a sec... She changes my life!
Even my life jadi upside down dgn waktu makan n keje tak menentu... Still! Im Happy! Bila happy masa pun berlari laju je. Tak sedar Mother's Day pun dah dekat. Im gonna celebrate this coming Mother's Day as a mother myself for the verrrrrry first time. Isnt it sweet? Tears!

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Axie04 said...

happy first mother day