Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Siapa yg tak move on?

Hello! Kelakar rasanya bila ada org suruh saya baca satu belog itu...Ni kali ke3 saya baca belog dia. tak kuasa dong!!!
Dia igt saya nk sangat ke amik tau? Siapa gali cerita siapa? Stahu saya dia yg xboleh dgr nama saya dan sure melenting... Selama ni saya rasa kesian kan dia tapi dia pulak ckp saya mcm2. Kesian la perempuan mcm tu. Takpe la. Mayb dia gembira...So here few words for u.


Accept that you have a problem you must face and overcome. No matter how difficult it is to face, you must examine it honestly and in full in order to create a plan of action.

Enlist the help of a qualified counselor to aid you in this process; whether an accountant skilled in bankruptcy issues or a therapist specializing in marital problems. A professional can guide you through the process of denial recovery one step at a time.

Work with, not against, your counselor. Be open and honest with the details of your situation. This person is a professional whose job is to help, not judge. He can only be of assistance when in full comprehension of the facts.

Create a plan of action with your counselor. Whether you're implementing a new budget, scheduling a surgical procedure or deciding you're ready to date after the loss of a spouse, you must develop a specific plan to follow in order to stop living in denial.

Act on your plan boldly, and with purpose. Pick up that phone, schedule that appointment or confront that issue head-on. You are getting out of denial (an unhealthy state of mind) and moving into a healthier state of being. You know you're going in the right direction, so move swiftly. The faster you overcome denial, the better your life can become.
-frm ehow-

-org hepi tak akan ckp dia hepi slalu
-org sedih selalu ckp dia hepi
-org gagal slalu ckp dia berjaya
-org berjaya jrg bg tau org dia dia berjaya
-so, bercakap lah dengan Tuhan. kerana Dia Maha Tahu.