Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrate 2 sekali?

Sebeno nye, smiley kt bwh ni gerak2 laa tp xreti la nk gerak2 kan... so kalo nk tgk the real one visit here.

Oh no!
my birthday will be on 28th march.
and then, come my second wedding anni on 6th april!

logik ke nk celebrate skali je? meaning adiah pun skali ka?
oh tersangat lah no-way!

buat semua2 terutama pd sang hubby n famili n frens... jgn harap nk combine2 adiah ye!
andd one more thing! the most important one ya..hehheheehehehe!


a verrryyyyyyyyy big NO tau!

p/s: tapi yayang darling! we will be flying to jakarta on 29th kan? tp itu tak di kira sbg any "above" gift.Lalallalalalll lalall aa lala!

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